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Beau Jack's Mixes are now available for order online. Choose your mixes below and we will ship them to your doorstep.


Beau Jack's Hushpuppy Mix

Hushpuppy Mix

The mix that started it all. Ms. Odean's Hushpuppy Mix


Beau Jack's Deer Steak Mix

Deer Steak Mix

Add great flavor and texture to your next deer steak with this mix.


Beau Jack's Fried Chicken Mix

Fried Chicken Mix

Classic Southern flavor in a crispy coating. Take fried chicken to another level.


Beau Jack's Fish Fry Mix

Fish Fry Mix

The perfect compliment to our great hushpuppies, fish fried up golden brown in this mix.


Beau Jack's Seafood Batter Mix

Seafood Batter Mix

Perfect for any seafood. Great flavor and crispy texture.


Beau Jack's Country Fried Steak Mix

Country Fried Steak Mix

Try a classic Southern favorite with our Country Fried Steak mix.


Beau Jack's Mixes

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