The Story of Beau Jack's Mixes

Jerry “Beau Jack” Vaughn is well known for the hush puppies he makes using his mother, Ms. Odean’s recipe. For years he has been asked to cook them at all types of events.
Beau Jack and his wife, Pat were working with their small group at church looking for a fund raiser. Knowing that everyone loved Beau Jack’s hush puppies, the pastor’s wife suggested they bag the mix and sell it at a Earth’s Bounty farmer’s market. They settled on making 50 bags. Earth’s Bounty opened at 8 o’clock and by 10 all had been sold. People wanted more. They knew they were on to something.
For several years Beau Jack and Pat continued at Earth’s Bounty and expanded to other events around the state. During this time they introduced other family recipes – Fish, Chicken, Deer Steak, Seafood Batter and French Fry Batter. Customers gladly welcomed 100 years of family recipes that Beau Jack and Pat shared.
At the end of 2019 they moved into retail markets and found immediate success.

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